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Elite Innovative Analysis



At Diamond Core Consulting we specialize in strategy consulting, IT/cybersecurity, and data analytics. Our services include helping companies with growth to provide solutions by offering business analyses that are tailored for your needs or to develop strategies depending on what you want out of it! With a strong focus on data analysis, we help find solutions with numbers to back them up.  When we combine these elements, our robust economic models and solutions are born.


We understand that each case will differ from the last. By emphasizing communication with our clients, we can guarantee projects are completed in a timely and organized fashion. Our goal is to build strong relationships which means you'll never feel like just another number when working together!


Our consultants have wide-ranging experience working with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Yet, we also have experience working with the most niche boutique companies. At DCC we do not discriminate against the size nor scope of our casework.


At Diamond Core Consulting, we perform complex statistical analyses and create economic models to find solutions. We also focus on creating strategies for new or established businesses with data-driven analysis and models. Our clients typically consist of law firms, large or small companies, and related agencies. DCC consists of a group of individuals that have extensive expertise in the labor economics, strategy, and cyber security domain.

DCC focuses on bringing new innovative solutions to the realm of economic consulting. By using more efficient and effective methods, we aim to revolutionize the industry. In addition, our team of keen young professionals strives to bring adaptive and custom-tailored data assessments. Whether you are a veteran in the industry or a rookie with a mission, we have the analysis for you. 

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