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Our Success Stories: Powering Growth with Data

Welcome to our portfolio of transformation. At Diamond Core Consulting, we believe in the power of data to drive strategic decisions and unlock new avenues of business growth. The projects you will find below represent a snapshot of our work across diverse industries, but they do not encompass the full breadth of our reach.

From optimizing manufacturing processes to predicting renewable energy production, from streamlining wholesale inventory to ensuring transactional integrity in FinTech, our work has touched various sectors. But our skills are not confined to these industries alone; the power of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and compelling Power BI dashboards is universally applicable.

We possess the flexibility and the expertise to adapt our services to any industry, tailoring our approach to the unique challenges and opportunities your sector presents. Each project we undertake is a unique journey, a story of problem-solving and innovation. We invite you to explore these stories, to understand the transformative power of data, and to envision what Diamond Core Consulting could do for your business.

Regardless of your industry, let's embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your data and drive your business towards unprecedented growth.

Car Factory Engineer in High Visibility Vest Using Laptop Computer. Automotive Industrial

Optimized Production Management System

Industry: Manufacturing

To enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime in the client's production lines.


Deployed machine learning algorithms to predict potential machine failures and AI to optimize scheduling of maintenance tasks. Implemented a Power BI dashboard to visualize production metrics and potential areas of improvement.


Reduced machinery downtime by 40% and increased overall operational efficiency by 30%.

Image by Federico Beccari

Renewable Energy Forecasting Solution

Industry: Energy


To improve the prediction accuracy of renewable energy production for a large-scale solar and wind farm.


Developed a complex machine-learning model that factored in historical data, weather forecasts, and real-time sensor data to predict energy production. Presented these insights through a user-friendly Power BI dashboard.


Boosted energy forecasting accuracy by 45%, allowing for more efficient grid management and reduced reliance on non-renewable backups.

Giving a Presentation

Demand Forecasting & Inventory Management

Industry: Wholesale


To improve the accuracy of demand forecasts and optimize inventory management for a large wholesale distributor.


Used AI and machine learning techniques to create a demand forecasting system based on sales history, market trends, and economic indicators. Integrated findings into an interactive Power BI dashboard for easy analysis and decision-making.


Enhanced demand prediction accuracy by 50%, which significantly reduced stockouts and overstock incidents, improving inventory turnover ratio by 35%.

Image by Jonas Leupe

Real-time Fraud Detection System

Industry: FinTech


To reduce fraudulent transactions for a fast-growing FinTech company without affecting customer experience.


Built an AI-powered system that uses machine learning algorithms to detect unusual activity in real-time. All findings were summarized in a Power BI dashboard for immediate action and trend analysis.


Reduced fraudulent transactions by 60% while maintaining a 98% customer transaction approval rate, enhancing the company's security and customer trust.

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